Stanford International Folk Dancers

Dance List

Our listing of music recordings available to request from our DJ during our dance request evening. The list is sorted by dance name and includes the country identified for the dance, the type (formation), and an index code the DJ uses to locate and play the recording. Notations for the most common types of dances is explained below:

  • P – Partner or couples
  • L – Line dance
  • L B – Line of dancers holding belts
  • L W – Line of dancers in “W” hold
  • C – Circle of dancers

When there are several recordings for a dance the preferred dance music to request or play has an asterisk (*) beside the name.

Note that a great number of these recordings we may not have danced to for a while. Our regular dancers should be able to help identify them. If you know one of those uncommon dances and wish to lead the dance bring that to the DJ’s attention when you request it. We are also constantly learning new dances and new recordings are continually added to our library that you won’t see in this listing.

Dance List (rev. 2011)