Stanford International Folk Dancers


We may do international dances at all skill levels throughout the evening and we welcome dancers at all levels from beginning to advanced.

Featured Instructor Evenings

On a typical night we have a local featured instructor teach some international dances the first hour followed by request dancing until closing. Suggested general admission is $5.

All-Request Evenings

Our All-Request Evenings feature dancing to recorded music anyone may request from our recording list for group dance. Ask the programmer for help adding your dance to the program. Often we will try some dances taught recently on these evenings. We sometimes have informal teaching as well, and sometimes a few musicians will form an ad-hoc band and treat us to a bit of live music. Suggested general admission is $5.

Live Music Dance Parties

Dance and enjoy music to a live band! Typically once monthly, we invite a local band to play international dance music. Bands that have played for us in the past include Agapi Mou, Bill Cope and Friends, Da! Mozem and the Nema Problema Chorale, The Holax Trio, Mosaic, Plodiv Party Bus, Svirańći, Trio Zulum and more! We’ll have a refreshment table set up on these nights. Bring some light refreshments and non-alcoholic beverages for our table to help make it a party, and tips for the band. Suggested general admission is $12.

Special Workshops

Occasionally our evening will feature one or more world class instructors teaching and facilitating international dance. There may be musicians accompanying the dancing. Past workshops have featured Bulgarian dance with Nikolay Tsvetkov or Daniela Ivanova and Angel Nazlamov, Armenian village dance with Hasmik Harutyunyan, Greek and Macedonian dance with Yannis Konstantinou, and others! Suggested general admission is $15.